Enhance Human Cooperation

What we do: Our science-backed Human Cooperation Algorithm (HCA®) creates teams to maximize cooperation

Cooperation to Transform Education

Egg creates autonomous and cooperative small teams that nurture one another, building a culture of support and trust. No more isolated learners.

More than 10,000 people have improved cooperation and academic results with Egg

Improve learning through cooperation

Our Cooperation Index measures how the different individuals, groups, and organizations cooperate to adjust and move forward.

Reduce Dropout Rates

Learners develop a sense of belonging and well-being that boosts engagement throughout the learning process.

Reach More Learners

Since our algorithm produces autonomous groups, one instructor can reach hundreds of learners while keeping high-quality standards.

Develop Soft Skills

Egg transforms mindsets from competitiveness to cooperation. Learners thrive on teamwork, listening, and emotional skills by learning through collaboration.

Success Cases


Graduation Rates

Cooperation increased graduation rates. Egg users accounted for 100% more graduations than traditional systems.


Dropout Rates

Thanks to Egg, a five-month training program had 50% fewer dropouts than its competitors.


Student-Teacher Ratio

Egg allowed the student-teacher ratio to increase ten times while improving the overall learning performance.


Happy Learners

Egg users surveyed reported feeling more connected to their classmates.


Leading organizations are already enhancing human cooperation with Egg

Technology that brings learners together

Based on scientific principles, Egg leverages cooperation, provides the indicators to measure performance and improves the overall learning experience.

How the platform works

The Human Cooperation Algorithm (HCA) maximizes cooperation creating the best possible teams from any group of learners with the same learning objectives. Afterward, the algorithm receives input from the participants and reassigns teams for the next session, optimizing cooperation in each iteration.

Small teams, unlimited participants

The algorithm takes any number of people and creates teams that are small enough for everybody to participate. The administrator can choose how to set up the group, the number of iterations, and any other condition.

Easy integration into any platform

Egg runs on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Moocs, or any other Learning Management System where people interact. The HCA can be integrated via an API through a Widget or used in our stand-alone platform.

Suitable for any Learning Format

The technology allows synchronous and asynchronous learning with online and offline classes.

Our Products

Software as a service

Use Egg in our platform or integrate it into your own. We will help you implement the system in your institution.

Skills of the Future Courses

Provide training in coding, quality assurance, digital marketing, or university admission skills through tailored courses based on our collaborative system.

Cooperation Course

Learn how to leverage cooperation for teaching, creating content, or developing enriched learning experiences.

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