1. PRIVACY POLICY: This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy") integrates the Terms and Conditions available on the Site (the Website and the App) and shall apply to Users/Students, whether or not they are duly registered. The definitions used in the Terms and Conditions shall subsist and be applicable in this Privacy Policy.

EGG SAS, CUIT 30-71602937-5, established at Barcala 643, Mendoza, Argentina (hereinafter, "EGG"), may alter the Privacy Policy at any time. The new versions of the Privacy Policy will be notified prior to entering into force through: (i) the publication of the said new version in the App, and/or (ii) by message sent to the email address reported by the User.

The User accepts that he/she will be considered notified of any alteration to the Privacy Policy once EGG has published the same on the Site, and that the User´s continuation in the use of the Services/Site once the said new version has been published will be considered as acceptance of that alterations to the Privacy Policy. Accordingly, the User agrees to: (i) check the Site periodically; and (ii) read any e-mail message that is sent by EGG with any alteration or new version.

2. COLLECTION OF INFORMATION FROM THE USERS: When the User registers through the EGG´s official web site (hereinafter the "Website") or through the mobile application of EGG (hereinafter the "Application" or the "App"), you will be asked to provide EGG with certain information for identification purposes and knowledge of the client, among others, name and last name, ID, date of birth, nationality, sex, CUIL or CUIT (tax ID codes), profile picture, real address, cell phone number, a valid email address, among other personal data. The following Privacy Policy also applies to all personal information that EGG collects in any other way, such as when the user interacts with us by means other than the EGG Website or Application, for instance, in person, by telephone or email, and also through our business partners (hereinafter, "Business Partners"). EGG may also directly or indirectly collect information about friends and followers in the EGG community, information that the User provides when participating in the various projects and communities/groups of EGG.

EGG will not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the personal information of the Users. EGG will be able to share, transfer and assign the data collected according to this Privacy Policy to companies of the group, business partners and third parties, only in the event of being necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes that motivated its collection or for the fulfillment of legal obligations. These third parties may be located in Argentina or abroad, even in countries that do not ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data. In all the cases, EGG will adopt the measures that it considers necessary to protect the personal data according to the applicable rule. The User recognizes and accepts that EGG can reveal to third parties, for the use of the Services, in an anonymous form, certain set of the data supplied by the User.

EGG reserves the right to request vouchers and/or additional information in order to confirm the information given by a User in the matter of personal data, as well as to suspend temporarily or definitively those Users whose data have not been able to be confirmed. EGG will be able to request from the User certain information and/or documentation for identification purposes, as well a to know and monitor the client and its operative procedures, which will be able to vary, according to the User´s activity. EGG will be able to request periodically from the User to update this information and/or documentation. EGG reserves the right to reject an application for registration or to cancel or suspend, temporarily or definitively an Account In the event of detecting (i) discrepancies or inconsistencies in the information provided by a User, or unusual or suspicious activities of the User in the matter of PLD/FT or fraud; or (ii) in the event the User does not provide or does not update in time and form the information and/or documentation required by EGG, without such decision generating indemnification or compensation rights for the User.

EGG does not store complete credit and/or debit card data, but it does store the collection identification number provided by the payments provider in order to process collections and manage the purchase of products or services.

3. TRUTH. SWORN STATEMENT: The Users that use EGG´s Services guarantee the veracity, accurateness, validity and authenticity of the information provided, and commit themselves to maintain them properly updated, informing EGG about any alteration through the update of the corresponding information in their User Account, or by contacting All the information and the Personal Data entered by the User are considered as an affidavit.

4. PURPOSE OF THE DATA: The Data provided by the User and collected in accordance with that established in these presents will be used for the following purposes: (i) Identification of the User and management of the registration; (ii) Possibility of giving access to the Service; (iii) To be able to have a telephone or e-mail address to contact the User in order to use the Services; (iv) Sending promotional information of EGG services, for marketing purposes.

  • (i) Identification of the User and management of the registration. When a User registers in the Site it is necessary to handle the data in order to be able to identify him/her as User and to allow the access to the Service offered by EGG. The User will always be able to request that his/her account be removed sending an email to the following address:
  • (ii) Possibility of giving access to the Service. The data are handled under this purpose mainly to be able to offer the User through the Site certain services provided by EGG, allowing EGG to contact the User as regards updates or informative communications related to the functionalities, products or contracted services.
  • (iii) To be able to count on a telephone or email address to contact the User because of the utilization of the Services. EGG only handles the necessary data to solve any query or request of the User. If the User chooses to communicate by WhatsApp with EGG, his/her telephone number will be shared with WhatsApp Inc. to verify that he/she is a user of this service. We recommend the User to read the WhatsApp Inc. Privacy Policy for more information on how WhatsApp handles personal data.
  • (iv) Sending promotional information about EGG services for marketing purposes.The processing of this data is for advertising purposes. EGG will be able to make recommendations based on the interaction of the User through the Site and the analysis of the profile (for instance, based on the browsing history and the searches carried out).

The User when subscribing to the Newsletter accepts that EGG handles his /her personal data to manage the subscription, including the sending of tailored information on services and products. If the User wishes it, he/she will be able to request to be removed from the lists for the sending of promotional or advertising information forwarding an email to the following address or through the instructions that will be made available in each communication.

EGG will be able to show publicity in Internet that the User or client can see when browsing in web sites and apps, which can be related to the browsing history and preferences. EGG handles some data of the Users for the creation of certain profiles, categorizing preferences and similar behaviors to be able to formulate the offer to the addressees. EGG uses cookies or similar technology to be able to handle these data. In the Cookies section you will find more information on this issue.

EGG will be able to carry out promotional actions such as contests or sweepstakes and will make available to the User the bases and conditions of the action where the information related to the treatment of personal data is detailed

The User must take into account that when he/she enters his/her personal data to the Site, unless otherwise indicated, he/she is giving his/her consent for the data entered to be used for:

  • a. the provision of the services offered on the Site;
  • b. to receive information and assistance on services, programs, products and offers that EGG considers may be of interest to you by e-mail, mail, text message, telephone, or any other means of communication;
  • c. to deal with and process any request for information, claim, question, complaint, comment, etc. made by the User through the channels provided for such purposes on the Site;
  • d. statistical purposes, research and creation and improvement of business processes and services, including the improvement and personalization of the Site, data analysis, development of new products, improvement of the Site, identification of usage trends, audits, determination of the effectiveness of dissemination campaigns.
  • e. to provide you with useful information and updates about the Site's services and content;
  • f. to communicate and contact the User;
  • g. to share necessary personal data with external service providers which provide services to EGG, such as website hosting, data analysis, information technology services, customer service, email delivery services, auditing, training and other similar services.

Additionally, the information to be provided by the User and that EGG collects directly on behalf of this User, will be able to be used by EGG for the data interchange between Users of a same client and other Users with the purpose of offering the Services more effectively.

EGG will be able to share the information with other companies of services or sites of Internet committed to the assessment of the behaviors of the Users of Internet or similar with the purpose of improving the quality of EGG´s services. Usually these companies or internet sites have their own policies of data privacy for its protection. Anyway EGG will make its best efforts so that the privacy of the shared information is protected in the best possible way. Nevertheless, except in the Republic of Argentina, EGG will not be responsible for the damages caused by such companies and/or internet sites as for its duty of protection, confidentiality and privacy of the data that they handle.

EGG will use and will collect the User's Data according to that established in the Privacy Policy, and will not disclose it unless it is requested by courts, or national or international state organisms that require it and request it in the corresponding form. EGG will maintain the data of the Users during the time in which the User remains registered. Once the data are no longer necessary to fulfill the corresponding purpose of its handling, EGG will keep them for a recommended term In the event responsibilities linked to their treatment should arise.

The Site may contain links to Internet sites that are not property of EGG. Consequently EGG will not be responsible for the action of such internet sites, to which theis present Privacy Policy will not be applied. We recommend examining the detailed privacy policy on those websites to understand the information´s collection procedures they use and how they protect your personal data.

EGG´s B2B Services. The Site may contain links to Internet sites that are not property of EGG. Consequently EGG will not be responsible for the action of such internet sites, to which theis present Privacy Policy will not be applied. We recommend examining the detailed privacy policy on those websites to understand the information´s collection procedures they use and how they protect your personal data.

5. CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECURITY OF INFORMATION: EGG has adopted reasonable security measures to protect the information of the Users, and to prevent unauthorized access to their data or any unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the same. The information collected by EGG will be kept strictly confidential. Access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors and representatives of EGG who need to know such data to perform their duties and develop or improve our services. EGG requires the same standards of confidentiality from its suppliers. EGG does not allow access to this information to third parties alien to EGG, with the exception of an express request from the User to access their own data.

The security of the Users´ data is important for EGG. The software used to protect the data provided by the Users and the information collected by EGG is stored in the cloud of Amazon Web Services, Inc. (the user can consult its Privacy Policy in the following link ), which uses secure protocols to encrypt communications and passwords.

Some of EGG's service providers are located in territories outside the European Economic Area which does not provide a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union. EGG transfers the data with the appropriate guarantees and preserving the security of the same, using tools such as the Standard Contractual Clauses and in compliance with the Argentinean legislation on personal data protection.

EGG will make its best efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security of this section, but will not be liable for damages that may arise from the violation of such measures by third parties using public networks or the Internet to access such information or in cases where there has been fault or negligence of the User. That is why we ask you to help us. If you become aware that your account has been jeopardized or that someone has accessed or attempted to access your account in an unauthorized manner, please notify us immediately via email at

6. ASSIGNMENT OF THE DATA: EGG will not sell, rent or share the Data of the Users except for those cases expressly foreseen in the Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding this, the User gives his express conformity so that EGG transfers the User´s data either entirely or partially to any of its companies controlled, controlling and/or linked to EGG. In the event that the totality or a part of the business or the assets were sold or transferred to another company or another commercial activity was carried out as a consequence of a restructuring of the company, the data could be revealed to the potential receiver of the business.

7. COOKIES: When the User enters the Site, EGG can store information in the technological device by which the User accesses under the form of a Cookie or similar technology that can be useful in several ways. For instance, Cookies allow to store and manage the User's preferences, keep the User registered, send advertising adjusted to the User, enable content and collect analytical and usage data to understand how the User uses the Site and improve the User's experience. The use of Cookies and other tracking technologies is standardized across all websites and applications through which information about your online activity is collected through applications, websites or other services. A Cookie is a small text file that is placed on a computer or other device, and is used to identify the user or device and to collect information. These Cookies do not harm your electronic device and can be erased from the device's memory, blocked or receive a warning message before it is stored, and you can accept or reject it.

The Cookies we use are indispensable and help the user to browse and move around the Site. These Cookies are necessary to recognize the User in the Site and to obtain information linked to its preferences, that could for instance be the language and country, to improve the experience in the Site. EGG could use this information so that the User sees publicity, promotions, banners and commercial initiatives in the Site and in third parties´sites.

8. RIGHT TO ACCESS, CANCELLATION AND CORRECTION OF DATA: The User will have the right to make responsible use of his/her EGG Account. At any time, the User will be able to request the cancellation of the EGG Account and the removal of its account and information of EGG´s data base, as well as to access and update its personal data. For those Users residing in Argentina, the holder of the personal data has the right to exercise the right of access to such data free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to that purpose is proved in accordance with the provisions of Article 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25,326 of the Argentine Republic. The Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP), the controlling body of Law 25.326, is responsible for dealing with complaints and claims filed in relation to non-compliance with the rules on personal data protection.

For such purposes, the User shall send its Request by forwarding an e-mail with the subject "Access to Personal Data" to EGG will be able to require to this User to identify itself, which will be able to be verified by EGG, as well as to specify the personal data to which they wish to accede, to rectify or to remove.

9. CONTACT: In the event the User has any doubt about the Privacy Policy, or about its application he/she should contact EGG, at any time, via email to, EGG SAS, CUIT 30-71602937-5, with address at 643 Barcala Street, City of Mendoza, Province of Mendoza, Republic of Argentina.

10. RESOLUTION OF DISAGREEMENTS: In the event of any dispute arising from these privacy policies, all provisions regarding jurisdiction and legislation of the Terms and Conditions shall govern.

11. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: The development team is aware of the third party services that are used in the software development process. In accordance with all laws and regulations, this team carefully chooses only the services that provide the services they say and no more than that.